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 Naturescapture is a wildlife and landscape photography idea developed by me, Richard J Mills. I have been involved with imaging for many years beginning in my teen’s way back in the ancient film days. In fact, I have been involved with imaging most of my life. 

 I travel widely and frequently, like all the time, which gives me an opportunity to see many different areas and have been all over the globe numerous times . I find my photography passion in the western US and the Greater Yellowstone Area in particular. While I am from North Carolina I currently live in coastal southern Virginia (both beautiful states). I spend many days every year in the Yellowstone area following my first visit in 1974. People ask me why I stay so focused on this area as there are so many interesting places here in the US. Its because after my first visit, I knew there was no other place on earth like it, and with a total area of more than 22.5 million mostly wild acres there’s plenty of room to explore, including 2 national parks, wilderness areas, wildlife sanctuaries, national forest and BLM lands.

 I hope you enjoy some of my images. The files on my site have been down sized to protect them but most all of the originals are high-resolution and can be printed very large.

A note regarding purchases and printing. I have enabled a price list for my images in the "Favorites" and only selected metal prints as an option. Once selected you will be able to see how it looks at a particular crop to fit your selected print size. I have placed a delay on before printing is allowed to assure it fits as you desire. I currently only use Bay Photo as my lab as they do excellent work. I suggest for large expensive sizes a small image proof is verified by you before we continue with the order. Please contact me for any questions or would like other options or customized purchases.

Thank you!!

Please help

Our public lands must be protected. Once sold, privatized and developed they will be gone forever. Please support our public lands.

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